2017 Lexus Design Award Shortlist


We started with the phrase: “mushy yet invigorating.” It conjured up childhood memories of walking barefoot, and the feeling of mud squishing between our toes. We decided to recreate that visceral experience. We walked barefoot through mud in Central Park to better understand the feeling. First, you sink in and begin to feel the mud wrap back up around you. The chunks, rocks, and clumps in the dirt create vivid textures. You stop sinking, without ever feeling a solid bottom.

To capture this sensation Mushy with two layers. The top “sink + texture” layer is a non-Newtonian fluid (the slower you move, the more liquid it is). The fluid has natural inconsistency, with droplets varying in size, shape and hardness. The bottom “base” layer mimics the feeling of bottomlessness. 


A project by L/T, a collaboration with Casey Harmon.