P&G Design Award 2016


In Fall of 2015 I took part in a P&G sponsored studio. They gave us a broad prompt, “imagine the future of clean.” P&G tasked us with using the equity and value of P&G brands, but taking them out of the home. Basically, anything but a drymop.

I decided to address microorganisms in public indoor spaces - such as daycares, move theatres and doctor's waiting rooms. UV-C (currently used in hospitals) light is the most effective way to kill microorganisms. My solution was Swiffer Ultra, a UV-C light for these spaces. It runs overnight after hours to not add time to already busy cleaning routines. The cleaning process and results are invisible, but the light fits into existing ceiling panels. It's a badge that the business has standards as high as the parents'.









EFFORTLESSLY POWERFUL Swiffer currently identifies it's brand language as universal, kinetic and reliable.

In envisioning a future version of Swiffer, I defined it as lightweight, kinetic and effortlessly powerful. Since my product is not hand-held nor movable, I explored different ways of appearing kinetic without being directional.


ARCHITECTURES I explored three architectures: wall mounted, ceiling and freestanding. I chose ceiling because it was unobtrusive to the interior while still being visible, simple to install and easy to use. 




LOCK UP  The light is activated by locking the door from outside the room. The blue light lets you know its working. But just in case, a motion sensor on the light will shut off the light if it's activated by mistake.


PROXIMITY IS POWER  UV's power increases exponentially with proximity. In spaces with high ceilings the light would lower to be several feet above the ground. When the light are turned off, they reel back up into the ceiling.