F is a watch design I began freshman year (iterations 1-5 below). Every year since, I’ve redone this project every year as I’ve redone my portfolio. F IR-6 is the watch’s sixth and final iteration as a culmination of my time in college. 

The project has become special to me. And a bit obsessive.



watch sketch page.jpg

NO MINUTE HAND, NO MARKINGS, NO CROWN   The dial is clamped into a brace. Every night when you go to sleep, the automatic movement loses power and stops. In the morning, you unclamp the dial from the brace, and position it so that the hour hand is pointing in the correct position.




UNINTENDED RITUALS  A stoop's intended function is to get you to the front door, but in practice stoops have become a place to gather, relax and converse. Congregating is much more significant than getting you to the front door. Resetting your automatic watch every day has nothing to do with the purpose of the watch, but it is probably the most interaction you have with it. 


▾  W.I.P.